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Services We provide a number of treatment services to individuals, families, groups, and organizations. Read the Full Story
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About Us

Allen Outreach Inc. is 501 C(3), not-for profit agency in Oakdale, Louisiana.  Allen Outreach is governed by a local board of directors that is committed to supporting services in Allen Parish without regard to one's ethnic origin, economic status, gender, age or religious affiliation. Allen Outreach offers a variety of programs and activities to assist clients.

Allen Outreach is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals to provide outpatient counseling and prevention services to combat the misuse of alcohol, tobacco, prescription medications, and illegal substances as well as other forms of compulsive behavior. A combination of prevention strategies and treatment services are used to help individuals. Additionally, Allen Outreach offers group and individual counseling to those who have experienced Domestic Violence, Abuse, Neglect, or have been a victim of crime.

Each person receives a comprehensive psychosocial evaluation and an individualized treatment plan.  This plan specifies the therapeutic services an individual needs for treatment and recovery. All treatment is focused on developing strong coping skills, behaviors, and problem-solving techniques to live better lives.  Individuals receive the education and support they need to reach their personal goals.